Andrea Duhon

For Harris County Department of Education
Board of Trustees Position 5, At-Large

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Why Andrea

Andrea began attending HCDE meetings in 2017 when programs were taken away from her local ISD. Being a self-starter and engaged citizen, she found the organization which funds education programs in Harris County. She discovered that several board members were voting with political self-interests, which made it clear that she needed to step up to put our kids above political partisanship. 


The Harris County Department of Education leverages the size of the County and its 25 ISDs to secure wholesale rates on supplies and services. Harris County ISDs save tax-payer dollars by utilizing this asset. HCDE, in turn, invests these proceeds into education programs such as Head Start, after-school programs, special education, counseling and therapy services, adult education, and others. 

HCDE has been under threat of Sunset for several years. Andrea is working to keep our education programs funded. 

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